Argox_X_3200The X-3200 industrial barcode printer features 300dpi printing for high quality text and graphics on fabric labels, safety labels and labels for small items such as jewellery.
The heavy duty X-3200 is capable of 5ips print speed using its 32-bit RISC microprocessor. The 8MB Flash and 16MB DRAM onboard memory facilitates high quality printing. An internal RTC lets you print time and dates on labels. RS-232, parallel, USB and optional Ethernet (X-3200E) interfaces allow easy plug-and-play integration with your current system. For stand-alone operation the X-3200 has a standard PS/2 interface for connecting an input device such as a keyboard or scanner, as well as a multilingual LCD display for convenient installation, configuration, and operation. The X-3200 and X-3200E printers provide outstanding value as it delivers industrial strength high quality printing for a wide range of labels.

● For heavy duty labeling demand
● 300dpi high resolutionavailable
● 32-bit CPU, LCD display, up to 5ips printing speed, and enlarged memories
● Adjustable reflective and transmission double sensor system ensures precise label detection
● Centronics parallel, RS-232 and USB interfaces available for versatility applications,
● Industrial-strength media management: 360M ribbon & 8” media compartment
● Easy media loading & ribbon installation
● An external switch sets the printer for use with either ribbon wound ink-side in or ink-side out
● Durable and easy maintenance : easy-toreplace cutter and peeler
● Support 1D/GS1 Data bar, 2D/ Composite codes and QR barcodes
● Full range of options: Cutter, Peeler, media stacker,and standalone keyboard (Argokee)
● Printer Server external for Ethernet/Wireless/Bluetooth options