Portable Data Terminals

 cpt8000pdtsmall Cipherlab 8000 Series – Pocket-size Mobile Computers

The 8000 handheld mobile computer can scan and batch upload in fast, easy steps to speed product ordering and inventory management.

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 cpt8001pdtsmall Cipherlab CPT-8001 Series – Feature Packed Pocket Size

The Cipherlab CPT-8001 series is a pocket sized, feature-packed portable terminal.

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 cpt8300pdtsmall Cipherlab 8300 Series – Light Industrial Mobile Computers

The 8300 series is the best handheld mobile computer to carry with for the professionals in retail, healthcare, and warehousing.

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 CPT8370pdtsmall Cipherlab 8400 Series – Light Industrial Mobile Computer with Bluetooth®

The 8400 mobile computer enables smarter decisions and improves business agility by taking powerful data applications directly to the points of work in the fields of warehousingretail and field sales.

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 cpt8630pdtsmall  Cipherlab 8630

The 8630 series is the new generation of COS terminals.

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